Research & Talent Scouting

We believe our research & talent scouting service brings something a little different to the recruitment market. Many employers are increasingly looking at alternatives to traditional search services to keep costs down, save time but still find high quality candidates. In addition, in-house recruiters or other search firms could lack the network reach or market knowledge to find strong prospects for niche areas of recruitment such as Human Resources or Programme Management. Our Research service gives our clients a cost effective means to gain access to high calibre talent without being tied into a resulting introductory fee. Our Talent Scouting service encourages employers to engage with outstanding performers proactively, at reasonable costs and only resulting if an appointment is made.

Research Services

Mapping the market to identify high performers to join your company can be an extremely time consuming exercise, but remains a great way to reach talented professionals who could be persuaded to make a move for the ‘right’ opportunity. Our research service offers our clients a cost effective means by which they can to engage with top talent as a future pipeline and benchmark the external market. Perhaps most significantly it offers companies the chance to avoid paying large recruitment fees, especially if there is the prospect of making multiple hires from the same sample of talent.

We identify, approach and engage with credible prospective candidates, following which the process is passed over to our client to shortlist, and no introductory fees ensue. So if you’re looking at alternative ways to save time and money, yet still engage with top performing talent – we could have the answer.

Talent Scouting

In the ‘war for talent’ there can be great rewards for employers who take a proactive approach to meeting outstanding professionals, whether to strengthen capability levels in their existing team, or fortify their existing talent pipeline. Our Talent Scouting service is designed to allow prospective employers and employees to engage with each other in an informal, but mutually advantageous setting to explore future possibilities.

We proactively seek out exceptional performers, and engage in their career conversations, even though many of them may not necessarily be planning an imminent change. Exceptional performers though, will often move for exceptional opportunities, and the chance to informally explore if the grass really could be greener, can lead to some of the most positive appointments. Our introductions are designed to encourage exploratory meetings, and as one off scenarios rather than mandated assignments, and we offer a highly competitive charging structure so employers have an additional incentive not to risk letting talent pass them by.