‘In Conversation’ with Kevin Chapman: From survival to endurance

We are pleased to be hosting our inaugural ‘In Conversation’ web-event, featuring our guest presenter, Kevin Chapman. We’d like to invite HR leaders to join this event where our theme will be:

‘From survival to endurance’: Prescribing the right workforce treatment plan to sustain a recovery

Kevin was Managing Director of RADA Business, building a market leading performance brand in communication training and leadership impact. Notably, he implanted as HR Director at Lehman Brothers after it’s infamous collapse into insolvency, tasked with building and sustaining a high performance culture in the most adverse conditions. During his career with PwC and PA Consulting he worked with iconic companies such as BP, Coors and Jaguar Land Rover. Kevin brings a unique combination of accomplished leadership experience, deep subject expertise around human performance optimisation and an infectious desire to acquire and share knowledge – so we’re delighted to play host to him on our first event!

After a torrid 6 months, business leaders, and HR leaders in particular, have been operating under intense ‘crisis management’ conditions as they’ve rallied to react to the conditions presented by Covid. With a second wave of the virus emerging and a bleak economic outlook for many areas of the economy, it doesn’t look like this level of intensity is set to relent any time soon.

After a very short respite in the summer, it seems we’re moving to a phase where leaders will need to take steps to bolster their organisational endurance or risk serious long term damage at a collective as well as individual level.

On this event Kevin will discuss his personal experiences, ideas on best practise and introduce some leading edge thinking that we’re confident will stimulate and inspire HR leaders as they confront challenges around sustaining productivity, managing employee well-being, managing organisational change and enhancing employee engagement.

We will covering themes around building endurance and resilience at an individual and organisational level, discussing how to keep performance ‘in the zone’ rather than ‘burned out’, creating a culture of self service for wellbeing and introducing some innovative thinking including biohacks and physical intelligence.


The event is directed towards HR Leaders/Directors for whom this subject could be of interest, and will take place on Thursday 22nd October at 11am-12.00pm (UK time). To subscribe to this free webinar please follow this link. If you can’t make the event, but would like a recording, we will make that available, so just let us know.